We had a great time chatting with WCCO’s Jason DeRusha from “DeRusha Eats”  (@DeRushaj @DeRushaEats on Twitter) this week!

Brenda and our Chefs Elizabeth Brockie and Chris Bundy showed him around the kitchen and cooked up some of our favorite winter dishes like our Salmon Okisuki (pictured below) and our Buckwheat-Veggie-Potato Croquettes.

Brenda and Jason covered just about everything from Brenda’s beginnings in the Vegetarian Restaurant “Commonplace” in the 70′s, to Spoonriver eclectic menu featuring MN Grass Fed Steak, Lamb and Fresh Seafood (brought in everyday from Coastal Seafoods) .

Click HERE to read the article and watch the video featured on WCCO this week!


Salmon Okisuki


We are pleased to announce we are participating in the

Will Steger Foundation’s new series: Dine For Climate!


We hope to see you there!



Our Free Range Speed Dating events are just around the corner! Brenda chatted with Belinda Jensen on KARE11 last Saturday morning to explain the importance of getting off the computer and getting face-to-face with others who are like minded, and SINGLE!

Check out the interview Here:

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Thank you to the City Pages for spreading the word about the Grains for Health Foundation’s “GrainUp Twin Cities” dine out event!

Brenda has been working with Grains for Health for a few years and was happy to be interviewed by the City Pages to spread knowledge to the Twin Cities about the importance of Whole Grain in all our meals, especially when we are dining out!

Click HERE for the full article on City Pages!

Click HERE for more information about GrainUp events around town!

During the major Water Main Break on Hennepin Ave & 2nd Street, many neighboring businesses, restaurants, and even the Guthrie, were forced to close.

Not Spoonriver. Brenda is a trooper and wanted to stay open for our neighbor, friends and our guests who had reservations.

WCCO stopped in and interviewed Brenda about how we were managing with No Water! We used paper plates while our dishwashers in inoperable, and used bottled water to cook and serve! It was the true meaning of “Making it Work”.

If your plans at the Guthrie were canceled that night, please call us when you reschedule! We’d love to host you :).

Check out more info about the Water Main Break and the Interview with Brenda HERE!


Brenda interviewed on WCCO during Water Main Break